Adult Therapy
£50 per session

I offer one to one individual, confidential sessions to adults aged 18 or over.  The best thing to do would be to contact me in the first instance and we can discuss what you're looking for.  

Child/Teenager Therapy
£50 per session

One to one, individual, confidential sessions for your child.  I have a lot of experience in working with children and teenagers, especially where there are issues that they may not want to talk about.   With Dramatherapy we can find ways to explore issues in a safe and comfortable way, working at the child's own pace and with their own preferences.  It is important that the child consents and is willing to come to therapy. The work is completely confidential, which means I do not report back to parents on the content of the session.  However, I can offer support to parents as part of the service, to discuss the child's needs and behaviour, if this is beneficial.  I will not be judging you, your child, or your parenting, but looking to understand the world through your child's eyes with empathy and compassion.

£150 per 2 hour session

For schools or groups working with vulnerable children and teenagers I can offer training or consultation in the areas of attachment, developmental trauma and dissociation so that staff working with children with ACE can feel confident to better understand the behaviour of these children and meet their needs in a therapeutic way.  Please contact me for further details and to discuss your requirements.